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Steampunk Festival Tasmania



2018 festival date

18th August



steampunk Festival 2018

George Town is hosting their annual Steampunk Festival on the 30th June 2018. Expect the unexpected at this years festival. Lots of fun, games, delicious food and plenty of incredible costumes with personas to match. A full event Itinerary will be posted in the coming weeks with ticket purchase details. To register for Teapot Racing or the 2017 Tea Duelling Championships fill out the online entry forms. If you are interested in having a food stall you can also register your interest

When: 18th August 2018

Where:   TBC


The event of the year, featuring a local comedian; burlesque dance crew Minx to dance the night away. The annual Steampunk Cocktail Party opens up the opportunity to be creative and sometimes a little crazy with costume ideas, with the ladies often wearing petticoats, corsets and miles worth of lace and frills. The Steampunk Festival wouldn't be complete without a Party! Being held on Saturday 24th June from 5.30pm at Cnr East Tamar Highway & Mt George Road, George Town

 When: 18th August 2018

Where: TBC



What is steampunk?

Some people may ask, what is Steampunk? 
The term Steampunk came from science-fiction novels, and is inspired by the 19th century British Victorian and American Wild West era. In a time before digital technology, Industrial steam powered machinery is regarded as a thing of visual majesty. The genre of Steampunk possesses a life of it’s own and draws fans from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in history, science-fiction, fine machinery and unique fashion.

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