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In a time before digital technology, the British Victorian and the American Wild West combine creating a life of it's own ...


About Steampunk tasmania

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back to where it all began...

"Back to where it all began in the 19th century, the British Victorian and the American Wild West Era combine in a time before digital technology…."

The term Steampunk first surfaced in 1987 by Author K.W. Jeter, since then it has been used to describe the science-fictional, cultural and artistic genre where industrial machinery is regarded as a thing of visual majesty. Imaginary personas are a collective part of the Steampunk Genre, amazingly hand crafted and carefully designed outfits are equally important. Pirate, Adventurer, Scientist or Aristocrat, your character must resonate your own personality in some way. Steampunk is inherently quirky and slightly eccentric in a fascinating, its retro futuristic nature combines ‘Victoriana’, Victorian era heritage, with mechanisation, invention, art, literature and photography.

The genre of Steampunk possesses a life of its own and draws fans from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in history, science-fiction, fine machinery and unique fashion. 

Steampunk tasmania Festival - 2017

Steampunk Tasmania Festival is a celebration of the genre. All activities, music, exhibitions, displays and workshops are authentic and reflect the playfulness and uniqueness of Steampunk. . George Town’s culture is synergistic with the essence of steampunk. George Town has a European maritime history dating back to Victorian times which is proudly celebrated through historic sites and commemorative exhibitions, two unique and outstanding exhibitions being the Bass & Flinders Centre, home to the replica of the Norfolk, and the Low Head fog horn, installed in 1929 and believed to be the only fully operational model of its type in the world. George Town is also the largest heavy industry precinct in Tasmania. Steampunk Tasmania festival aims to create a playful integration of George Town's seemingly disparate cultures and engender a stronger sense of place and pride embedded in industry and maritime heritage. 

Steampunk Tasmania had their first Festival in 2016 which was successful with many Steampunker's travelling from all over the State and even Interstate to attend the event. The 2017 Festival in June is expected to be bigger and better than last year with a theme of Steampunk Airships. 

Event details to come. 




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