steampunk festival - Teapot racing

teapot racing official rules

1.  The Vehicle

Vehicles shall consist of a Teapot of the Contestant’s choice, mounted upon a radio-controlled chassis. No vehicle shall exceed 30cm in height, 30cm in width or 40cm in length (including any flags and aerials). Vehicles which exceed these measurements will be permitted to compete, but may be penalised and may encounter difficulties in negotiating the Hazards noted below.

2.  The Course

The course, which shall be laid out according to the whim of the Judges and without regard to the wishes of any other party, shall consist of a number of Hazards, possibly including a Ramp, a Tunnel, a Jump and/or divers obstacles of a breakable nature.

  •  Vehicles must negotiate the course as specified by the Judges, one Vehicle at a time, within the allotted time of two minutes. 
  •   Points will be deducted for every 10 seconds over the allotted time.
  • Vehicles which have not completed the course within three minutes will be disqualified. 
  • Contestants may, if they wish, walk with their vehicle as it negotiates the Course.

At the discretion of the Judges the contest may also include a drag race.   This will partly depend upon there being Vehicles capable of racing together without interference to each other’s radio control systems, although exceptions may be made in the interests of amusement.

3.  Points

Points will be awarded for:

  • the overall look of the Vehicle
  • each Hazard successfully negotiated
  • completion of the Course
  • bribery of the Judges
  • showmanship (dress, singing, dancing, jokes, etc)

Points will be deducted for:

  •  any manual assistance given to the Vehicle (whether by the Contestant or another party)
  • failure to negotiate a Hazard
  • exceeding the specified two minutes’ time limit
  • exceeding the specified size limits
  • inadequate bribery of the Judges, or in any other way vexing said Judges.

4.  Prizes

Prizes may be awarded at the Judges’ discretion for:

  • Best overall Vehicle
  • Most entertaining attempt at the Course
  • Most rapid completion of the Course
  • Most rapid drag, or
  • any other category the Judges decide.

entry form

This is the place to give us all the information we need for a speedy, easy and smooth registration.    Your Rig will also get its very own name card. You can still register on the day but this helps me a lot. If you need to contact me please email me at:

Dependent upon the number of entries, we may run heats and then a final.


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