what is steampunk?

"Back to where it all began in the 19th century, the British Victorian and the American Wild West Era combine in a time before digital technology…."

The term Steampunk first surfaced in 1987 by Author K.W. Jeter, since then it has been used to describe the science-fictional, cultural and artistic genre where industrial machinery is regarded as a thing of visual majesty. Imaginary personas are a collective part of the Steampunk Genre, amazingly hand crafted and carefully designed outfits are equally important. Pirate, Adventurer, Scientist or Aristocrat, your character must resonate your own personality in some way. Steampunk is inherently quirky and slightly eccentric in a fascinating, its retro futuristic nature combines Victorian era heritage, with mechanisation, invention, art, literature and photography.

The genre of Steampunk possesses a life of its own and draws fans from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in history, science-fiction, fine machinery and unique fashion.  The only limitations are your imagination...

make your own steampunk persona

There is a never ending stream of steampunk gadgets, but what about the persona's that go with it? Some people like to pretend to be a different person when they are dressed in Steampunk costumes, it's not essential but it's a lot of fun! First, pick what sort of 'profession' your character will be in. You could be a pirate, an adventurer who travels in time and seeks thrill, a crazy scientist, a lady of leisure or philosopher that relates better to books than humans, the list is endless. Think about what your character would say or do, Steampunk is about becoming science-fiction so you can be anyone you like. All that you have left to do it to pick a name and find/make a costume!

The three rules of steampunk fashion

Steampunk fashion is one of the most important (and fun) parts of the science fiction genre, it is a creative channel for Steampunkers to express their persona's and rebel against the norm. The Steampunk Festival in George Town, Tasmania is the perfect place to get out of your Steampunk comfort zone. If you are struggling for outfit inspiration, we have a set of steampunk guidelines to help make the process a little easier. 

1. When in doubt, dress Victorian....

This means a universal theme of corsets, suit vests, long dresses and then add steampunk accessories! Ideas of items to add to your Victorian outfit may be a top hat, adventurer goggles, wings, a lab coat or a time travelling portal in disguise. Be creative and get into your persona, what would your character wear?

2. There is NO Steampunk colour

Just because an item is brown, black or white, does not mean it's Steampunk. If you like to wear bright colours then wear a red skirt, an orange top hat or a blue dress, there are no limitations which is part of the adventure. 

3. Have fun, be yourself and be unique! 

Are you feeling inspired yet? The Steampunk Festival for 2017 in George Town is nearly here, so don't miss out on all the fun and sucure your ticket for the annual Steampunk Ball here

Steampunk top hat

how to make a steampunk top hat

A top hat can 'top off' any steampunk outfit, here are the materials you will need to ba able to make your own 'steampunked' version.

  • Lace ribbon
  • Old fake leather belt
  • Two jar lids
  • Gold sharpie
  • Industrial strength glue 
  • Steampunk embellishments
  • A top Hat